• The data above includes both IVF and ICSI treatment, donor embryo and oocyte cycles have been excluded.

  • ZEST is committed to performing single embryos transfers. 98% of embryo transfers were single embryo transfers in 2019-2020.

  • Please be aware that in 2019-2020 there were no pregnancies in ZEST patients, using their own eggs, when 45 years old or older.

  • A clinical pregnancy is defined as follows:

    1) The presence of an intrauterine sac (with or without foetal heart) observed on 7 week ultrasound scan;

    2) An ectopic pregnancy;
    3) If a pregnancy is ongoing at 20 weeks.

  • Success rates may be affected by a number of factors which include the type of treatment undertaken, the cause of infertility, age, lifestyle factors, genetic factors and quality of the eggs and sperm.

  • Please be aware, depending on the cause of your infertility or reasons for undertaking treatment not every treatment cycle undertaken will result in an egg collection, an embryo transfer or embryos to freeze